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Cannon Ripley has always lived in the shadows as a spy. For brief moments on hurried trips home between missions, Olivia shed light on the shadows of his soul when they connected in bed with raw, primal energy, and passion. But she couldn’t take the pressure of never knowing when he would be home or for how long and told him to stop calling her unless he was home for good and could give her the stability she craved.

The only way he’ll come for good is in a body bag.

At least that’s what he thought until he is unexpectedly forced out of the only career he’s ever known and finds himself at home without her. She’s moved on and doesn’t seem interested in giving him another chance.

But someone tries to hurt her, and he doesn’t care how much she resists, he’ll protect her by any means necessary, and in doing so, he’ll remind her of the electric connection they always shared.

But passion may not be enough for her anymore, and she isn’t convinced he can give her forever.

Book four in the Club Exposure Series


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