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When investigative journalist, Carrie Davenport walked into the Doll House Cabaret to interview a stripper, she never expected to uncover a sex trafficking ring, nor did she expect to discover that the director of the CIA was in on it. But after all these years in Washington D.C., it really didn't surprise her. What did surprise her was falling for the sexy Secret Service Agent tasked with protecting the CIA Director after someone tried to blow him up.

Peter Mercer hates journalists as a rule. They're nosy for all the wrong reasons and most of them want clicks and sensational headlines no matter how much they wax poetic about reporting the truth to the American people. Carrie Davenport was no different. That's why he had no problem having her arrested when he caught her snooping someplace she shouldn't have been. What he did have a problem with was forgetting her gorgeous face.

An anonymous source, an attempted kidnapping, and several death threats push Peter and Carrie together. Intense sexual attraction and discovering that they both enjoy kinky power games has them wondering if they should explore something together. Their past experiences tell them it's a terrible idea. Lust, and desire win out. The question is will love?

Book three in the D.C. Power Games series is the book readers begged Ivy to write about their favorite supporting characters in the previous two books.


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