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Sometimes love is messier than politics.
It's worse when the two get tangled.

Darci Sanders has spent her career fighting injustice. That fight includes keeping the wrong man out of the White House. It's exhausting work and sometimes she likes to let loose at her favorite spot, Club Exposure. That's where she met him. The sexy soldier who turned her world upside down... then disappeared.

Former soldier turned campaign manager, Bradley Givens just wants to see his candidate win the election. While blowing off some steam at Club Exposure he meets a sexy and mysterious stranger he can't stop thinking about. But she's a distraction he doesn't need so he doesn't go back.

When they meet again, Darci and Bradley realize their true identities – rivals on either side of the election. Can they trust each other? When danger and Darci's past come from out of nowhere, they may not have a choice and Darci will learn that Bradley will go to any extent necessary to protect her.

Disclaimer: Protected was previously published as book 1 in the D.C. Power Games series and was titled Power Desired. The author has made significant updates and made it book 2 of the Club Exposure Series. The D.C. Power Games series is no longer available. Protected contains content that is for 18+ only. You can find a complete TW/CW list on the page just before the start of chapter 1.

Book 2 in the Club Exposure Series


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