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Nothing comes easily in this town unless you’re willing to play the power game, and it’s a game Darci and Bradley both like to win. 

In Darci’s world power is used as a force for good to champion causes that are near and dear to her heart. She spends her days fighting for those who have been overlooked. But it’s Washington where nothing comes easy, and she’s not afraid to get dirty to get what she wants. Her quest for justice leads her straight into Bradley Given’s chest—literally. He’s hot, single, and he works for the enemy. And that makes him the enemy. An enemy she desperately wants to sleep with. Too bad he’s off limits.

Bradley has one goal; use the power he wields to put a man in the Whitehouse. Bradley knows what he must do to win and he’s not afraid to try. What he is afraid of is what will happen if he takes his eye off the prize. Darci Sanders is a distraction he doesn’t need, but he can’t help but want.

Political rivals or not, something keeps pushing them together and their connection is undeniable. It soon becomes clear that they have far more in common then they thought. One a practicing connoisseur in the world of kink and power exchange and the other a long-time kink blogger and former submissive, their shared vices give them something even deeper to connect over when a killer with a vendetta pushes them closer together. Just as they give in to the lust between them, the danger intensifies and Darci’s life is at risk. Bradley knows he must do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even if it costs him everything.

Book one in the D.C. Power Games series was Ivy's debut novel and the book readers first fell in love with.


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