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He didn’t steal the diamonds, but she definitely stole his heart. 

A diamond Heist, a romantic encounter, and the possibility of spending the next twenty years in prison. That's one hell of a week. 

Patrick Sutton’s life is in turmoil and he just wants it to go back to normal. But normal doesn’t include Austin Yates, the feisty criminal attorney who wants to represent him at his upcoming trial. She’s not just his attorney, though, she’s also his submissive for the next eight weeks, and to say that complicates things would be an understatement. 

Austin thought her life was on the right track. Right up until she got passed over for a promotion… again. Feeling impulsive, she took a friend up on their offer of eight weeks of fun as a house submissive at Club Solitaire. It was supposed to be no-strings fun. She didn’t expect to grow so attached to Patrick, the brooding dominant business investor she’s playing this game with. 

When the police show up to arrest Patrick for a diamond heist, all thoughts of submissive adventure go out the window. She’s in attorney mode now, ready to defend her client. Patrick isn’t so easily distracted from their dynamic. Eight weeks, that’s what she agreed to and he wants her to hold up her end of the bargain. He knows he’s innocent, now they just have to find out who’s setting him up. Can Austin keep him out of prison, or will this trial tear them apart forever? 

Book 2 in the Diamond Doms series is a gripping adventure filled with intrigue, sizzling romance, and a story that will keep you up all night.


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