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Garrett Oliver thinks he just needs two things in life, a big bank account, and a beautiful woman on his arm. 

If he's not careful, he'll lose both in the blink of an eye. 

Isabelle Alvarado just wants to get through the week so she can get back to Club Solitaire and hang out with the Dom she’s been seeing. Losing her job can really puts a damper on things, though. Finding out the Dom she's been seeing owns the company that just fired her? Even worse. 

When Garrett Oliver makes tough decisions about his company, he has no idea he’s about to turn his own world upside down. But when you’re bleeding cash and can’t figure out why, you have to do something fast. Now he has to fix it or he’ll lose Isabelle forever. And it seems like that’s exactly what someone wants to see happen.


Will they be able to track down the saboteur before it’s too late?

Book three in the Diamond Doms series is an enemies-to-lovers story that won't disappoint. 


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