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Professional poker player Rylee Colton just accepted a half a million dollars to teach a billionaire how to play poker while she's in Vegas for a tournament.

It seemed like easy money, but it turns out he wants a lot more than poker lessons.

He wants her submission for the next four weeks and damn if she doesn’t want to give it to him.

When her poker tournament is unexpectedly canceled, Memphis ups the ante.

Play him in a round of poker. If she wins, he’ll pay her the entire two million that was at stake in the poker tournament.

If she loses, she gives him her unhindered submission for the next month and after that she’ll still get the two million for her time.

It’s a win-win in Rylee’s book.

But he’s hiding something from her and it could ruin everything. Turns out this might be a risky bet after all.

Risky Bet was originally published as part of a multi-author series under the title Betting on the Billionaire in Lockdown. Risky bet contains new, never before published content and is continued in the second half of the No Limit duet, All In.


Available in Kindle Unlimited Now!


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